Increase Digital Adoption with Employees and Customers

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The Horizn Employee Platform empowers your entire workforce, wealth managers, financial advisors and contact center employees with the knowledge needed to be ready and able to talk digital with customers across all channels. The Horizn Call Center module is being used to educate and specifically enable call center employees to share digital knowledge with customers thus reducing call times and call center traffic.

The Horizn Customer Direct Platform distributes product knowledge, and increases digital adoption directly with customers. The platform enables financial institutions to reach out directly to customers in digital channels like websites, SEO, chatbots and other marketing activities.

What makes your company or product great?

Horizn helps financial institutions get ready for the digital customer in an environment where digital transformation and rapid launch of innovation are becoming the norm. The award-winning Horizn platform focuses on equipping employees, advisors and customers directly with the knowledge needed to improve the customer experience and dramatically increase digital adoption across all channels.

Horizn proprietary technology combines a simulator microlearning methodology with both gamified principles and advanced analytics. The Horizn suite of products help financial institutions distribute product knowledge across multiple touch points, with frontline employees, wealth managers, financial advisors, in call centers as well as direct to customers in public digital channels like your website, SEO, chatbots and other marketing activities.

What key challenge does it solve?

The race to increase digital adoption and improve the customer experience has revved-up. While speed to market of innovation remains critical, achieving digital adoption with customers is setting the leading companies apart. With Horizn the mission is clear, every time your financial institution launches a new innovation, product, or feature the second it goes to market, Horizn ensures that EVERYONE your employees, advisors and customers are digitally fluent and digitally confident.

What is your best success story?

At Horizn our measure of success is client success. Using the Horizn Platform, financial institutions globally increased mobile adoption by 25% and brought call center times down 45 seconds. Banks using our in-branch demo module with non-digital customers, converted 20% of non-digital customers to mobile banking. With the Horizn Platform our clients are winning awards like the Celent Model Bank Award with RBC’s digital activation strategy and a Financial Innovation Award for Nationwide Building Society from the London Institute of Banking & Finance.