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IFS Onboarding

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Onboarding, Asset Movement and Account Maintenance. The company’s solutions are deployed at some of the world’s largest brokerage, wealth, banking and insurance companies. Backed by the powerful IFS Automation Platform, IFS solutions are easy to configure, deploy and maintain.

What makes your company or product great?

IFS stands out as the leader in wealth management workflow and operational automation for several key reasons. IFS products are designed with the business in mind. We solve very large and complex operational challenges with solutions that are put directly in the hands of the business experts, which drastically reduces reliance on IT resources and increases overall ROI. IFS brings a unique and deep level of domain expertise to our clients and implementations. Our staff comes from the business and brings years of best practices to our clients. Understanding our clients’ unique needs first-hand is an invaluable skill--one that cannot be taught—but rather is achieved over years of living and working in the trenches.

What key challenge does it solve?

IFS solves a very key challenge across multiple areas of the brokerage world. We take highly complex, mostly manual business processes and simplify and automate them with our powerful workflow solutions.

What is your best success story?

For IFS clients, ROI, efficiencies and better advisor/client experiences are a given. Our success story comes in an unconventional form: a reference call between a prospect and client. Our client told the prospect that using our solutions had changed the game in such a way that they were no longer worried about gaining a competitive advantage using our technology. In fact, they encouraged the firm to choose IFS as it would advance the entire industry.