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Company or product description: is a secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform that grants finance professionals instant access to all the information they need to excel. integrates with mission-critical apps, mines intelligence from document repositories, and works with teams to capture tacit knowledge — making it all available via a simple conversational interface.

What makes your company or product great?

Our platform is fully extensible and connects to all sources of information, whether they be files, documents, or applications. is able to put information into a simple chat interface format where employees are already working instead of a different app or tool.

What key challenge does it solve? solves the problem of finding and accessing fragmented information across a variety of files and applications, acting as a single platform where you can find everything you need instantly.

What is your best success story?

TD Ameritrade recently enlisted with the goal of helping their employees self-service their information needs 24x7. Using machine learning models and Jane’s innovative “Live Sheets” functionality, Jane developed the ability to connect employees with subject matter experts through a conversational interface by asking a single question in real time.