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NaviPlan Demo | In|Vest 2019



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Regardless of firm size, the ability to serve an array of client demographics is invaluable. From simple cash flow planning and goal-based assessments to detailed tax analysis and estate planning, NaviPlan has a number of features that empower financial professionals to best serve any client who walks through their doors.

What makes your company or product great?

Investors don’t take short cuts with life decisions, so why should they accept them with their financial planner?

With our singular calculation engine in NaviPlan, advisors can feel confident they are providing the most accurate recommendations while maintaining complete visibility over every aspect of the plan.

Simply put, NaviPlan empowers advisors to plan in a scalable fashion. Whether constructing a simple retirement plan through its guided Road to Retirement presentation or developing a complex estate plan, NaviPlan ensures every advisor can deliver any client plan with the utmost clarity.

What key challenge does it solve?

Our calculation engine is distinct from “black box” planning software that offers no transparency into results or the number of assumptions used to determine them. This means NaviPlan users have a greater ability to influence results by altering inputs to reflect fluid data such as inflation or tax rates.

With our calculation engine, advisors benefit from unrivaled horsepower and years of accumulated financial planning software. They can seize an opportunity to guide investors on a more directed route to meet their objectives. Why accept approximate results, when exact results are available?

What is your best success story?

Blue Ocean Global Wealth needed a financial planning tool that would be thorough and scalable enough to deliver advice to clients from all economic backgrounds.

By implementing NaviPlan, the firm was able to cater advice to any client or prospect demographic. They could also leverage a variety of modules to show clients how different approaches might impact their financial futures.

Since adopting NaviPlan, the firm's prospect conversion rate has risen by nearly 100 percent, as advisors can now efficiently onboard prospects and still maintain their commitment to a fiduciary standard.