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Refinitiv Wealth Management Solutions

Company or product description:

Refinitiv Wealth Management Solutions provide seamless integration across front, middle, and back office workflows that enable better informed decisions, timely communication, and relevant insights. Our tools empower your financial advisors to be more informed, more efficient, and more engaged with their investor clients. Learn more at

What makes your company or product great?

Bold – By combining over 160 years of Reuters heritage with the latest technology and industry innovation, we blend history with the future to create incredible new opportunities.
Focused – High-performance products are powered by high-performance people. Our corporate culture values pushing boundaries, taking ownership and initiating lasting change.
Open – The greatest driver of innovation is freedom of access. Access to powerful data, smart tools, and human expertise. That’s why we invest in our community-driven open platform – to break down barriers and create more choices.

What key challenge does it solve?

Refinitiv Wealth Management solutions provide the content, technology and expertise needed by wealth firms to accelerate growth. We enable better decision making, deeper client engagement, and optimized business performance.

What is your best success story?

Refinitiv bolsters advisor access to data and streamlines technology connections for one of the oldest financial planning firms in the United States. The Refinitiv Wealth Management solution streamlines access to services like Albridge Solutions, eMoney, Envestnet and Pershing NetX360. This financial planning firm now have one hub for all of their data and tools, single sign-in access, simplified connectivity and integrated client data. With this time-saving system, advisors can better focus on managing and building client relationships.