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Vymo is a mobile-first intelligent personal sales assistant for field sales teams. It automatically captures data from multiple sources to predict what a sales rep or manager can do next.

What makes your company or product great?

Organizations are continuing to spend millions of dollars on CRM implementation and yet around one-third of all CRM projects fail (CIO Magazine). When we ask executives if their CRM systems are helping their business grow, the failure rate is closer to 90%. Why is that?

Because, conventional CRMs continue to function as passive databases that can primarily be used as inspection tools, rather than proactively add value to frontline sales or service professionals. Vymo transforms your CRM experience with mobility and intelligence.

  • Vymo is built for the modern salesperson: a more proactive experience to drive adoption
  • Vymo is built for Financial Services: solves use cases across allocation, engagement & service
  • Vymo is built to support a deskless experience: mobile-first workflows for improved productivity

What key challenge does it solve?

With Vymo, salespeople spend less time on data entry and updation and can focus more on building relationships and making the sale.

  • It boosts productivity and even provides intelligent suggestions on what the next best course of action could be.
  • Vymo also enables sales leaders to intervene and coach sales reps at the right times, based on sales engagement data and analytics.
  • Vymo improves productivity metrics such as conversion percentage, turnaround time, and sales activities per opportunity and has a revenue impact of 3-10%.

What is your best success story?

CRMs typically see only 6-15% adoption rate amongst field sales teams in financial service institutions. Modern technologies are viewed with suspicion due to the possible complexity and the debatable value they add to their day to day success. With Vymo, ~ 10,000 users were enabled with over 90% users logging in per day.