Bankrupt the Business Model of Fraud

Arkose Labs Demo, In|Vest West 2019



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Arkose Labs

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Arkose Labs bankrupts the business model of fraud. Its patented platform combines Telemetry with an Adaptive Step-Up challenge. Telemetry accurately identifies bad actors, while the Adaptive Step-Up wears them down and diminishes their ROI without adding friction for good customers. The world’s largest brands trust Arkose Labs to protect their customer journey while delivering an unrivaled customer experience.

What makes your company or product great?

The financial industry is at the frontline of digital fraud, with institutions being targeted with increasingly intense levels of abuse. In the face of ever-more sophisticated threats we need a new approach to security that undermines fraudsters’ incentive to launch attacks long-term and resets the balance of power.

For that reason, Arkose Labs has designed a platform that breaks down the business model of fraud by sapping attackers’ time and resources until attacks become economically non-viable. Achieving this in a way that does not negatively affect good customers requires an intelligent mix of real-time risk decisioning combined with dynamic enforcement challenges.

Arkose Labs’ risk engine combines device, network and location intelligence to accurately triage traffic based on its risk profile. This informs the authentication system, which presents targeted friction to suspicious traffic in order to dramatically increase the time and resources required for fraudsters to execute attacks. Arkose Labs’ patent-pending challenge-response mechanism is unique in its ability to use visual challenges that are simple and fun for true customers to complete, whereas nearly impossible for fraudsters to circumvent at scale.

The power of combining these two components is the constant feedback loop between risk decisioning and authentication - making it the fastest learning fraud prevention platform on the market.

What key challenge does it solve?

Arkose Labs’ approach puts an end to the constant cat-and-mouse game played between fraudsters and businesses by offering a long-term approach to stamp out fraud, while maintaining an excellent user experience for trusted users.

Arkose Labs acts as an intermediary between fraudsters and the business, which shifts the attack surface and relieves pressure on inhouse teams dealing with a deluge of inauthentic requests. Arose Labs customers can be confident that only authentic traffic makes it through, as it is the only security vendor to offer a 100% SLA guarantee on its primary function: preventing all automated fraud and abuse.

Businesses can incorporate on-brand enforcement challenges seamlessly into their platforms, websites or apps to minimize disruption for good users. By constantly changing these challenges and adapting to evolving attack patterns, we keep ahead of fraudsters and can deliver a truly long-term solution for fraud and abuse prevention.

Best success story?

Arkose Labs enabled a large global enterprise to save ~$65 million in fraud losses and operational costs, while protecting customer throughput rates. Their existing fraud solution was ineffective at stopping fraudsters but caused friction for good customers, making them hesitant to take action against suspicious traffic. Using Arkose Labs they combined advanced risk decisioning with targeted enforcement challenges for more accurate fraud insights. As a result, they have far greater confidence that when blocking fraudulent traffic there is no negative effect of good consumers’ online experience.