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evisor is an AI-powered digital platform that offers free, comprehensive financial planning and low-cost portfolio management. Users obtain a personalized financial review, which includes the firm's proprietary "Lifetime Financial Analysis," an IPS, and customized recommendations. For a fee, users can implement their investment strategy with help from a human advisor.

What makes your company or product great?

Financial planning and investing can be overwhelming for anyone, whether you’re a single millennial new to investing, a working professional with a high savings rate, or a married couple preparing for retirement. Our mission is to make financial planning and portfolio management easy, transparent, and cost effective for everyone. In less than 15 minutes, evisor clients receive a comprehensive, custom financial review that includes tailored portfolio recommendations. Our AI-powered advice engine offers intelligent savings strategies designed to minimize tax and expense drag, identifies ways to improve budgeting, and recommends portfolio asset allocations designed to meet each client’s needs and goals. evisor takes a holistic approach, focusing on a client’s total assets and liabilities rather than solely accounts opened on the platform. Additionally, the evisor financial plan is dynamic, so when financial markets fluctuate or a client experiences life changes, it can easily be updated.

We create our asset allocation models from a diversified array of asset classes to target particular risk budgets, and we provide for further customization based on a client’s need for income, ESG factors, and other considerations.

We offer the evisor platform as an enterprise solution for companies who wish to offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management, at scale, to their customers. Our enterprise partners can implement their existing model portfolios, use our proprietary models, or develop new models in conjunction with our portfolio management team.

What key challenge does it solve?

With only 1 in 4 Americans having a written financial plan, the need for comprehensive, objective financial planning has never been greater. At evisor, we have pioneered the “plan first” approach to investment management, providing a simple, easy to-use platform that allows a user to quickly and easily produce a comprehensive financial plan that includes customized advice, actionable recommendations and a diversified portfolio strategy. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not require a user to open an investment account to use evisor. The financial planning engine is free to try. We also have addressed a key challenge of enterprise adoption by enabling our partners to customize and implement their own model portfolios in conjunction with their own advisors, or to utilize evisor’s models and advisory team. This digital solution allows institutions to both increase their engagement with existing customers and create a new sales channel for reaching prospective customers.