What to say so your clients hear the real benefits of AXA Equitable’s and MONY Life Insurance Company of America’s (MLOA’s) LTC Rider
Since AXA Equitable’s and MLOA’s Long-Term Care ServicesSM Rider can be purchased only with a permanent life insurance policy (BrightLife® Grow, BrightLife® Protect, or IncentiveLife®), the client discussion should start with the need for life insurance, then delve into the long-term care discussion.

Our permanent life insurance = protection and more.
Since most people equate life insurance with protection, starting with that benefit then moving to other benefits can work well when talking to clients.

What to say:

Our long-term care rider adds another layer of flexibility.
Once you’ve set up permanent life insurance as more than just family protection, you can introduce the added flexibility of the Long-Term Care ServicesSM Rider, and its ability to protect your clients’ assets from potential long-term care costs.

What to say:

What to say about these benefits:

Added flexibility
• The Long-Term Care ServicesSM Rider adds an extra layer of flexibility to your permanent life insurance plan.
• If needed, you’ll be able to tap into your policy to fund your long-term care so you can try to avoid having to use your savings or other assets.
• Anything left over once you no longer need long-term care benefit payments will remain as an available life insurance benefit for your beneficiary.
• If you never need long-term care benefits, your full life insurance benefit will be passed along to your beneficiary, so either way you can use your money.

Protection for you and your family
• You can feel more comfortable investing in permanent life insurance knowing your money will be there if you need it at any point in your life.
• No matter the form in which your benefit is paid, you can rest assured that you or your beneficiary will always get something back from your policy as long as required premiums are paid.
• You can better protect your assets from life’s unknowns.

No trade-offs
• The Long-Term Care ServicesSM Rider benefits beat many of our competitors; you’ll have access to up to 3% of your LTC benefit each month you qualify.1
• Unlike with other carriers’ riders, you can receive benefits without the hassle of submitting receipts.
• You’ll be able to use funds the way you want, whether that’s paying for professional care or helping out a family member.2

Our research
Once again, we teamed up with maslansky + partners, a consulting company that specializes in the effective use of language, to understand our audience’s mindset and to come up with language that will help us (and you) communicate the benefits of our products to clients who need them.
According to maslansky + partners, “it’s not what you say that matters; it’s what they hear.™” At AXA, we happen to agree.

Learn more about the benefits of our LTC rider. Visit www.axaforlife.com/ltc today.

1 Subject to age requirements and you must elect 1, 2 or 3% on application.
2 Note that the Rider does not allow family members to fill the role of provider of Qualified Long-Term Care Services. Please see the Long-Term Care ServicesSM Rider (LTCSR) Guide to Claims and the LTCSR FAQ for more information.

Clients must qualify separately for the LTCSR. A client may qualify for the insurance but not the rider. The rider also has restrictions and limitations. Be sure to review the product specifications for further details.

You must be properly licensed to sell AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company and/or MONY Life Insurance Company of America products with the LTCSR. Depending on the issue state, you may be required to have a health insurance license and satisfy LTC CE requirements in addition to other licensing requirements.

Life insurance products are issued by AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (AXA Equitable), New York, NY or affiliate MONY Life Insurance Company of America (MLOA), an Arizona Stock Corporation, main administrative offices in Jersey City, NJ. MLOA is not licensed to do business in New York. Life insurance products are co-distributed by AXA Network, LLC and AXA Distributors, LLC.

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