It’s no secret that Americans haven’t saved enough for retirement. This presents a unique opportunity for financial professionals – the opportunity to fill the gap between what clients have saved and what they need to be confident in retirement.

Join Dr. William Reichenstein, Principal of Research, Retiree Income, and William Meyer, Founder and CEO, Retiree Income, for a discussion of their latest research that shows how distribution strategies that coordinate taxes and Social Security can extend a client's overall portfolio by up to a decade - saving retirement for clients by helping them get more and keep more of the retirement income they have worked hard to save. This presentation will cover:

  • Generating more retirement income out of what clients have already saved
  • Coordinating Social Security into a holistic retirement plan
  • Considering detailed phase and event analysis
  • Optimizing drawdown to marginal tax rates

Key Speakers

David Adler
Wealth Management & Behavioral Finance Expert Financial Planning (Moderator)
William Meyer.
Founder and Managing Partner, Retiree Income
William Reichenstein.
Principal of Research, Retiree Income