Volatility is back in the news. Volatility, once it arises, tends to “persist” meaning we can expect volatile market for quite some time. What can and should advisors do about it?

This webinar will discuss managing volatility from two perspectives. One is behavioral, including proven techniques for getting clients to take a long point of view and not get distracted by temporary market movements. But for clients approaching retirement, moving to less volatile asset classes can make sense. How should this best be accomplished? Join this one-hour webinar for new insights about managing volatility.

Key Speakers

David Adler
Wealth Management & Behavioral Finance Expert (Moderator)
Douglas Coté, CFA
Chief Market Strategist Voya Investment Management
Michael Turvey, CFP®, CMT
Senior Strategist, Institutional Trading Education TD Ameritrade Institutional
Wade D. Pfau, PhD, CFA
Professor of Retirement Income The American College