You’ve developed an amazing income distribution strategy, but do you have a process for implementing it? To successfully incorporate income distribution into your business model, you need a detailed process that lays out how you’ll engage with prospects and clients and encourage them to share their retirement plans and goals. More important, you’ll need to show how you’ll develop a unique plan that meets their individual needs.

In this latest installment of the popular CoffeeCast series, Zach Parker, Securities America’s vice president of wealth management and product strategy, covers the importance of a fiduciary process for building income distribution plans and four critical factors you might consider for this process.

Whether income distribution is a vital part of your business model or you’re considering adding it as demand for expertise in this critical area of financial planning grows, you won’t want to miss this important CoffeeCast.

Key Speakers

Zachary S. Parker, MBA, CFP®,
Vice President of Wealth Management and Product Strategy, Securities America