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Kirsten  Trusko

Kirsten Trusko

Kirsten Trusko is the President and Executive Director of the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association, a non-profit trade organization that works to educate and advocate for prepaid cards in government, media, and consumer education.Ms. Trusko has written articles, blogs and conducted numerous media interviews on prepaid cards and on consumer driven healthcare, and is a frequent industry speaker on both topics. She serves on several cross-industry councils focused on financial services, health care and insurance, and serving the underbanked – and how prepaid cards, as a non-credit payment tool, can uniquely meet industry, government, and consumer needs. Ms. Trusko’s experience includes co-founding and leading the prepaid card and consumer driven healthcare management consulting and technology practices for a top 5 global consulting firm, and leading commercial and consumer payment and lending divisions for Fortune 500 firms. Her work has focused on emerging products and markets, and bringing industry players to market for speed, service to consumers/business/government, sustainability and profitability. She serves on the ABA HSA Council, several advisory boards, as well as various charity organizations. Kirsten completed Yale School of Management, Executive Management Course, has an MBA, and graduated from University of Washington with a Business degree.