Attitude Adjustment: Optimism Earns More

By Jack Singer
August 20, 2015

It's not just conventional wisdom, upbeat advisors really can do better, research shows.

Barred Billion-Dollar Advisor: What Went Wrong?

Elizabeth McCourt
July 30, 2015

Analysis: The case of the one-time billion-dollar advisor who was barred from the industry gives cause for wealth managers to make sure they are within the bounds of the rules.

Guess How Much Money Bill Gross Made Last Year?

Barry Ritholtz
November 14, 2014

How much compensation the folks at Pimco haul in each year has always been a topic of fascination on Wall Street.

How Digital Payments Can Transform the Developing World

Rodger Voorhies
November 3, 2014

Mobile money products are taking off in countries including Bangladesh, Kenya and Somaliland — and banks have a historic opportunity to get involved in this rapidly advancing market.

Behind the Death of De Novos

Richard Magrann-Wells
August 20, 2014

Investors will remain reluctant to take on the personal risk inherent in establishing de novo community banks as long as new regulations remain unwieldy and returns stay low, according to Richard Magrann-Wells.

Creating a Game Plan for Success to Conquer Self-Doubt

Jack Singer
July 10, 2013

For a financial advisor, unpredictable stock market fluctuations, hostile calls from clients, being responsible for managing clients’ retirement nest eggs, overwhelming paperwork, and compliance/fiduciary issues are events and situations that potentially could cause such a fear. The key word here is “could,” because fear and anxiety do not have to result from dealing with such situations.

Time for an Audit? 3 Common Life Insurance Mistakes

Todd Burkhalter
May 28, 2013

Could your clients use a life insurance audit? The most common life insurance mistakes involve the amount and type of coverage and beneficiary designations.

Fiduciary Standard: Moving the Ball Forward

Kevin Keller
November 1, 2012

The process of raising standards for the profession continues to be a work in progress. At the CFP Board, we believe that we are raising the bar

The Household Balance Sheet: A Quick Planning Tool to Measure and Manage Client Finances

Neal Ringquist
October 24, 2012

As many planners have discovered, unsettled markets mean many nervous phone calls and emails from clients. Investors want to know why their investments may be down and when the turmoil will stop. And advisors have nothing in their toolboxes to relieve that anxiety. Except, maybe there's a simple tool right at their fingertips.

Shaping Up Your Practice

Chris Kirby
October 22, 2012

Have you thought about what you can do in your practice to improve how you operate your business, making sure that this year is a better year than last year? Do you think your practice needs improved focus in order to be more profitable? Chris Kirby has some suggestions that could streamline your business to a “leaner and meaner” more profitable machine.

The Biggest Concerns of Affluent Women

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
October 18, 2012

While affluent women present a unique challenge to you as the advisor, they also represent a big opportunity as well.

Thrive, Fail, Rescue. Repeat.

Lee Conrad
October 12, 2012

Even with a law separating commercial banking from investment banking and insurance, Editor Lee Conrad doesn't believe we’re prepared to leave the big, systemically important companies out in the cold in times of trouble.

The Best Laid (Retirement) Plans

Keith Weber
October 2, 2012

It is often said that when men plan, the gods laugh. Nowhere is this perhaps more true than when it comes to planning for retirement. While we all acknowledge the risk that finances can play on our retirement plans, the reality is that threats to our retirement plans can come from all areas of our lives.

Women: The Underserved Client

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
October 1, 2012

Financial advisors have a bad reputation with women. Most feel slighted by the industry and see it as catering only to male wealth creators. They resent the assumption that women are disinterested in financial matters, are not good with money, and "should not worry their pretty heads about it." They are dissatisfied customers, who have real economic power. And they are unhappy that the financial services industry does not provide products and services to meet their needs

Conferences: Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

Todd Burkhalter
September 11, 2012

With so many financial services-related conferences vying for the attention and attendance of advisors and wealth managers, how do you determine if a particular conference is worth committing to and what are you really hoping to get out of it?

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