Adrian Slobin

Adrian Slobin is Vice President and Business Lead for SapientNitro’s Midwest Region, accountable for its clients that area as well as for the Chicago and Minneapolis offices. He owns SapientNitro’s innovation offering globally, which includes an innovation lab, an investment arm, and formal relationships with university innovation centers. Broadly speaking, he is focused on the continued evolution of digital experiences across channels – including mature ones like mobile, as well as emerging ones like in-store digital, virtual and mixed reality, and wearable computing.Adrian has more than 15 years of digital marketing, innovation design and e-commerce experience working with Fortune 500 clients around the globe, including: Alcoa; Staples; GM; Comcast; General Mills; Wells Fargo: United Health Care, Medtronic, U.S. Bank, and Target. �He is particularly focused on the continued evolution of digital across mature and emerging channels - including .com and mobile, but also in-store and in-home.Prior to joining SapientNitro, Adrian was on the faculty at Northwestern University and conducted cognitive science research at the University of Pennsylvania.Adrian graduated from Swarthmore College with High Honors and has a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University.