Arjuna Costa

Arjuna Costa is a Partner at Omidyar Network, and leads the firm’s investments in emerging markets financial services.� He led Omidyar Network’s investments, and has a board role in a number of innovative financial services companies including Cignifi, eCurrency Mint, EFL, Juntos, Lenddo, MicroEnsure, Pagatech, RUMA, Segovia, and Zoona as well as policy and research initiatives such as the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, CGAP, the Digital Frontiers Institute, RippleWorks, GSMA’s Mobile Money program and the Better Than Cash Alliance.Before joining Omidyar Network, he was a member of the special situations investment practice at The Rohatyn Group, a multi-billion dollar emerging markets investment firm. In 2003, Arjuna co-founded a $115-million private equity fund focused on the turnaround of distressed commercial banks. The fund grew out of advising African governments on the restructuring and privatization of its banking sector. Arjuna began his career at Lehman Brothers, where Arjuna earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Columbia University. He spent five years in the power and transportation groups.