Jeff Lebowitz

Jeff Lebowitz is known throughout the mortgage industry for his analytical series, MORTECH, the Survey of Business and Technology. Since 1988, MORTECH has looked at the many sides of how lenders relate technology to their businesses. Through scientific survey sampling, MORTECH quantifies lenders’ demand for and adoption of information technologies. His MORTECH research is based on his many years in market planning and business strategy development in the financial services industry.Jeff has been a senior planning and development officer for the premier financial organizations in the world – Citicorp, Chase Manhattan Bank and Fannie Mae. While at Fannie Mae he acquired and ran Fannie Mae Software Systems (now a part of ISGN). He also did an obligatory stint with an e-commerce start-up. Jeff served as chief technology and development officer for the electronic mortgage exchange, Jeff’s unique array of planning and development experience recommends him as a well-qualified observer and commentator on mortgage lenders and the technology they use.