Kenneth Lin

Kenneth started Credit Karma in 2007 to offer free credit scores and bring transparency and simplicity to the credit industry – an industry that was built around and has long prioritized banks and not consumers. Kenneth has guided the company from a small team of three to several hundred employees who are disrupting consumer finance, serving over 50 million people.Kenneth spent his early career working with mission-driven businesses like Upromise and Eloan, and he was inspired to build Credit Karma – a platform where consumers can manage their full financial lives with more certainty, supported by a unique business model that creates genuine, organic value by reducing marketing inefficiency for banks and empowering consumers with information. Like LinkedIn has done for professional identity and Facebook for social lives, Kenneth’s vision is that one day Credit Karma can create a simple way for Americans to manage their financial identities.Kenneth also founded Multilytics Marketing in 2006. He has a bachelor’s in mathematics and economics from Boston University.