Sean Williams, PhD.

Sean Williams is a Senior Practice Consultant for Gallup, based in Gallup�s Atlanta office. He consults with clients on crafting insight-based and data-driven solutions to customer and human capital problems.� He also helps clients align their systems, teams and cultures to make the most effective use of analytics and insights.� Sean has extensive experience in analytics and predictive modelling for customer experience, marketing, and human resources, in a variety of fields including financial services, hospitality, manufacturing, and B2B.Prior to joining Gallup, Sean was Senior Vice President of Client Analytics at a major bank, where he led projects on customer experience, sales process optimization, and modelling.� Sean received his bachelor�s degree in political science from the University of Tennessee.� He received his PhD in political science from the Ohio State University, where he taught statistics and political science for six years.� Afterward, he worked for several consulting firms, developing new applications for text- and data-mining, creating analytics for clients, and consulting on maximizing their utility for the organization. �