Teresa  Dodson

Teresa Dodson

Teresa Schumann-Dodson is COO/Executive Vice President of Persolvo Data Systems in Irvine, California. Teresa also sits on the Executive Board of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) for the last 3 years. Her years of experience in the debt settlement industry brought her to the current position she holds with Persolvo Data Systems. Persolvo Data Systems automates the settlement process between debt settlement companies and Creditors, Collectors and Debt Buyers. Teresa background includes over 6 years of experience in the debt settlement industry.Her introduction to the debt settlement industry was acting as COO of one of the largest debt settlement company back in 2003 to 2005. She then moved on to help build yet another debt settlement company. During those years she has worked relentlessly trying to bridge the gap between Debt Settlement Companies and Creditors.Teresa's background also includes 17 years of corporate leadership experience. Has successfully directed company management in achieving desired levels of growth. Demonstrated the ability to combine visionary, strategic, and tactical operational expertise to produce bottom-line results and financial strength. She has a proven track record of increasing and organizations efficiency, enhance productivity and has lead successfully from small start ups to medium sized organizations and to evolve into large corporate expansion. Teresa is known for her commitment and passionate approach to everything she does to deliver effective results.