• Video Lighting Round: What does O’Hare have to do with Savant's M&A strategy?

    Fielding rapid-fire questions, Savant Capital Management CEO Brent Brodeski reveals the biggest mistakes of RIA buyers and sellers, shares the strategy behind his firm's targeted acquisitions and divulges his favorite app.
  • Video Shy? It's still important to share personal stories with clients. Here's how

    Many advisors feel like they don't have a compelling personal story, but they probably do — they just have to discover it. It requires a strong self-assessment and a heavy dose of honesty.Sharing a personal story with clients can give them an insight into who you are and what you value, and it’s a great way to set the stage for long-term relationships.Here are three steps suggested by Financial Planning columnist John J. Bowen on how to discover your personal story to connect with clients.Step One – Find your story by asking yourself three questions: who has influenced your belief system; which events have moved you the most; and how did you get through a low point?Step Two – Hone your story. Once you have an initial version, tell it to at least 10 people you trust. Take note of their reactions to help you decide the best parts.Step Three – Use your story. Once it’s polished, you’ll be ready to share it with prospects, partners, and team members.What’s the upshot of all this? The more personal your story is, the more connected prospects and clients will feel with you, and as you foster a sense of connectedness, you’ll build business too.
  • Video How to adapt to changing client demands: Lightning Round with TD Ameritrade's Sankaran

    RIAs that don't embrace tech are in danger of becoming obsolete, says the firm's chief information officer. He also weighs on in blockchain and his favorite app.
  • Video 'So many jobs' for young advisors: Lightning Round with XY Planning’s Alan Moore

    In a rapid-fire interview with Financial Planning, Moore paints a bright picture of the job market for young financial advisors and takes aim at the most "absurd" practice advisors still undertake with clients.
  • Video ‘It starts with culture’: Lightning Round with Bronfman’s COO Michael LaMena

    As RIA dealmaking heats up, what are the biggest mistakes sellers and buyers make? Michael LaMena responds to Financial Planning’s rapid-fire questions.
  • Video ‘AI is not going away’: Lightning Round with TD Ameritrade CEO Tim Hockey

    Hockey responds to Financial Planning’s rapid-fire questions on artificial intelligence, robo advisors and three must-have skills for financial advisors.
  • Video How to become indispensable to clients

    Consider making someone in your practice a captain of client relationships who will take ownership of the responsibility to deepen those associations.With more than 400,000 advisers looking to work with affluent investors, it's becoming more important than ever to keep your clients happy so they come back to you and not the adviser down the road.Here are two tips suggested by Financial Planning columnist John Bowen on how to become indispensable to your clients.First tip: relationship building. Consider making someone in your practice a captain of client relationships, who will take ownership of the responsibility to deepen those associations, and who will inspire your team to work together to wow clients. This should be someone other than you so you can remain focused on building your business as the chief rainmaker.Second tip: advanced planning. If your value proposition is based entirely on investment performance, you will take a severe hit at some point. Not “if,” but “when” another adviser is up 20% while your clients are up 10%, you will hear from them.In short, clients need to feel like they just can't live without you. But that just doesn't just happen, you need to make your case.
  • Video What this breakaway advisor learned by going indie

    Ex-UBS advisor Greg Hersch says opening his own RIA has been among the most challenging tasks of his career.
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