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The most important hire: Lightning Round with Creative Planning’s Peter Mallouk

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There’s one position every firm must fill, according to Creative Planning CEO Peter Mallouk. Without it, advisors can’t adequately get their message out, he says.

In this Lighting Round video, Mallouk also reveals where the firm is looking for its next deals and shares the upside — and downside — of the firm's former relationship with high-profile motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

In May, Buzzfeed News published the first of a multi-part investigation into accusations that Robbins had groped followers at his events, exposed himself to women assistants and sexually harassed fans. Robbins dismissed the allegations in a YouTube video. Creative Planning said in May, after the Buzzfeed News article was published, that Robbins had left his role as the firm's chief of investor psychology. The firm said the move had been negotiated for six months.