Elite advisors have a secret weapon: their presence. Think of it as charisma, this elusive trait makes them nearly irresistible to wealthy investors.

Here are six steps suggested by Financial Planning columnist John J. Bowen Jr. on how to boost your presence.

1. Know your story: A compelling story that reveals who you are will attract others to you.
2. Build your dream team: You can’t do this alone. You’ll need the help of professionals to fill specific roles.
3. Live with intention: When you define your vision, your tasks become clear. And you’ll galvanize those around you.
4. Amplify your influence: You must be able to express your vision wherever you go. This may feel mechanical at first. But with practice, it’ll feel more natural.
5. Inspire those around you: Being able to communicate your vision isn’t enough. You’ll need to be able to move others in a forward direction.
6. Build your road map: You’ll need to act deliberately with a focused intention to achieve specific goals.

Developing your presence will help you attract a steady stream of prospects. And give your team the ability to serve them.

And soon you just may be one of the elite advisors.