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What it takes to make it as a young advisor

BOOMER: Becoming a financial advisor is very very difficult. I have known a lot of advisors who did not make it. When I look back, the things that I think really make a difference, number one is being confident. You have to believe in yourself, you want people to trust you with millions of dollars in some cases and you've got to come across as confident. The next one would be competence. You've got to know what you're doing. In the beginning, you won't know everything but the things that you do know you want to know them really, really well and over time, you'll build that competency. Being confident, being competent are two really big things. The last thing is just lucky. You create your own luck as a financial advisor. You get lucky by being active, you don't get lucky sitting at your desk. You want to be confident, competent and lucky.