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Why it takes 'faith' to make it as a young advisor

OKUM: When I say this is a faith-based business, I'm not necessarily talking in a spiritual standpoint. What I mean is that you're doing something that in your mind doesn't work. I can pick up my phone and call somebody and they're going to come invest money with me and 10 years down the line everything is going to be okay. You have to believe in the formula and also look at some of the elders in the industry and see that they've done this and it's worked. Like I said, this five pounds of meat in your head can really really be your best friend or your best ally or your worst enemy. It can keep telling you it does not work or you're at the wrong place or you don't give good advice or whatever. You can really beat down yourself. You have to have faith that one, I made the right decision choosing the firm that I'm working for and this is going to work if I keep at it. That's what I mean by faith-based business.