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SEC Money-Market Move Enhances Stability for Investors
WASHINGTON -- The SEC approved a long-awaited set of rules on Wednesday aimed at shoring up money-market mutual funds, opting for a dual approach that seeks to align trading prices with underlying market values and guard against destabilizing runs.
In a 3-to-2 vote, the commission pushed forward a rule that will require institutional prime funds to allow net asset value to float to its market value, rather than holding pat at $1. In addition to the floating NAV, the commission adopted a so-called fees and gates proposal, authorizing fund boards to impose fees on investors seeking to redeem their shares in times of stress, and then the ability to temporarily close off sales to prevent a run.   more »
More in Regulatory/Compliance
After being ordered to stop calling his firm fee-only, Rick Kahler claims retribution and threatens a lawsuit. more »
The only person convicted of fraud related to a $20 billion government bail-out program, Jesse Litvak may spend almost a decade in prison for lying to his customers about mortgage-backed securities. more »
U.S. investors are used to treating money-market mutual funds as the equivalent of a checking account. That is about to change for the riskiest of the funds. more »
FINRA takes more than a year to follow up an advisor's written testimony. more »
As the Dodd-Frank law turns four years old, policymakers appear increasingly willing to revisit a key requirement that says banks with $50 billion of assets are systemically risky. more »
Regulators have closed Eastside Commercial Bank in Conyers, Ga., the 13th institution to fail this year. more »
The financial services industry and others are seeking better metrics for analyzing the economic impact of the regulatory reform law, with some saying it is hampering the recovery and having other unintended effects. more »
The banking industry is pushing back against a plan released this week by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to publicize more details about consumers' individual complaints about financial companies. more »
Rep. Spencer Bachus (Ala.) is the first Republican in Congress to endorse the Investment Adviser Examination Improvement Act. more »
The panel is comprised of seven public members and six industry representatives, pulling together advocates, attorneys, regulators and executives from firms such as Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Securities America. more »
Daugs fraudulently misused client assets "to make loans to himself to buy a luxury vacation home and refinance a rare vintage automobile," according to the SEC. more »
Bank of America hasn't budged from an offer to pay about $13 billion to settle federal and state probes of mortgage-backed bond sales, increasing the likelihood that prosecutors will sue the bank, according to two people with knowledge of the matter. more »
The IRS has partially withdrawn some of the rules it had earlier proposed on limiting rollovers from individual retirement arrangements. more »
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