5 Ways to Make Your 2013 Goals Stick

5 Ways to Make Your 2013 Goals Stick 5 Ways to Make Your 2013 Goals Stick

The end of the year is a time that is dominated by goal setting and making projections. While this is an important process for advisors and clients alike as they head into the New Year, many plan and set goals the wrong way.

Here are 5 ways to make your 2013 goals stick.

Source: Matt Halloran, president and founder, Top Advisor Coaching

1. Numbers Are Not Enough 1. Numbers Are Not Enough

Advisors often say things like, “I want to grow my revenues by 20% next year,” but how do they know that’s the right percentage? For every significant number, there has to be a strong why and how for an advisor to make a production goal stick. By tying numbers to reasons, an advisor will be able to stay focused on those increases.

2. Solo Act 2. Solo Act

Are you the only one who cares? Every advisor needs to share their goals with everyone they can to help with accountability. Goal setting should not be done in a vacuum.

3. Create Reminders 3. Create Reminders

Creating reminders is a great technique to keep focused and motivated as an advisor works towards his or her goals.

4. Set Tangible Rewards 4. Set Tangible Rewards

Rather than to buy what you want when you want it, delaying gratification can be a huge motivator psychologically. By having something to work for, performance may get an added boost.

5. Bring in a Professional 5. Bring in a Professional

Goal setting does take some technique and experience. Bringing in a pro, once a year, to help get appropriate goals and rewards in place can make all the difference. Good coaches have a process that can help you arrive at the goals that mean something to you.