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Close Up with Dr. George Watts

Knowing more about your own personality and what makes you click may help advance your career as a financial advisor. Business guru and author Dr. George Watts says advisors need to build on their strengths and ask themselves, "What would my clients do without me?"

Clients Demanding More Investment Expertise

Investors want a different approach to money guidance. Margaret Franklin of Kinsale Private Wealth explained that clients want more "nuanced conversations" and advice to match.


Morningstar to Predict Five-Year Future of Funds

At a time when asset managers are increasingly questioning modern portfolio theory and static Morningstar style boxes, the Chicago research giant has announced its new "Analyst Ratings" to augment its 1- to 5-star ratings.

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Record Muni Bond Volume Looms

The waves of issuance rolling into the municipal primary market the past few weeks continue to grow. Last week's volume, at more than $9 billion, approached record territory for 2011, and this week's anticipated issuance should easily set a new high for the year, at nearly $12 billion.

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Taking Stock: $20B Out of Mutual Funds; $60B Into ETFs

Investors may be fleeing from mutual funds that invest in U.S. stocks for the long haul. But that does not mean they’re fleeing U.S. stock funds.

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SEC Charges Prominent San Diego Financial Planner with Fraud

The SEC has charged a prominent San Diego-based financial advisor with fraud, accusing him and his firm of failing to disclose to clients a conflict of interest in an investment and lying to and misleading clients about a hedge fund he manages.

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Tax to Financial Planning: A Natural Progression

Most accountants involved in tax preparation are already involved in financial planning, even though they might not realize it.

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Variable Annuity Sales Surge in 3Q; Fixed Sales Fall

The Insured Retirement Institute said third-quarter annuity sales rose to $57 billion in the third quarter, up 5% from the year-ago period. Sales year-to-date were $175.4 billion, up from $163.1 billion in 2010.

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Talking Point

"Can you hear the cacophy starting? Its the sound of yapping about the size of ExxonMobil's record profits for last year. So What? Its spill was 21 years ago. The world got over that."

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