This exceptional woman is helping other women transition to better, more financially stable lives.

Advisors who are accustomed to serving wealthier clients may wonder how to most effectively assist a middle-class clientele. Here's how to make it work in your practice.

To appeal to this demographic, this advisor focuses on technology, fee structure and building a strong online presence.

Tapping an IRA to help fund a business may sound like a good idea, but it can end in disaster if clients aren't careful.

If our goal is to motivate our clients to engage in financial planning, we need to find the best way to facilitate their learning.

This time management technique plus these cool apps can help advisors improve productivity and make the most of their valuable time.

While the 4% rule was created to set a minimum income floor, that doesn't mean spending can never be raised. Here's a better approach to withdrawal rates.

This newly formed $500M RIA specializes in professional athletes and the corporate elite.

Index funds are surging in popularity, but most advisors continue to favor a blend of active and passive investment strategies.

Clients often resist their advisors when it comes to selling losers in their portfolios – especially when it means a larger tax bill. Here's how to loosen their grip.

Savings rates and asset allocations are the key to making retirement accounts last. Here’s an approach that works.

A new, free app from T. Rowe Price gives advisors key market intelligence in a modern, scalable and user-friendly way.

Holding special events and activities for clients can strengthen relationships with wealthy individuals in your business, as long as advisors keep within compliance.

The role of bonds is to provide stability to a portfolio. But this only works when clients understand the true purpose behind their fixed income investments.

While, on average, passively managed funds have outpaced their actively managed counterparts, there are certain times when actively managed funds do outperform.

Eight months after Boston Private bought Banyan Partners, superstar Peter Raimondi is no longer CEO, key advisors are gone and asset growth has stalled.

It’s not just clients; advisors too are anxious that the good times won’t continue.

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