Tom Lockard

Managing Director

Mr. Lockard joined as co-founder knowing the power of a broker-dealer combined with distribution reach for public finance opportunities. Prior to 280 CapMarkets, Tom Lockard worked at Fundrise, a pioneering fintech company specializing in commercial real estate.

Previously, Tom was a Managing Director at Stone & Youngberg and a member of the company’s Executive committee and Board of Directors. Mr. Lockard served as a Public Finance Banker specializing in California municipal finance, special tax, assessment, tax increment, housing, utility, nonprofit, general obligation, and lease. Over his 30-year career at Stone & Youngberg Mr. Lockard structured more than 500 municipal bond issues representing more than $6 billion.

Mr. Lockard earned degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Claremont Graduate University, and Stanford University.