Social media offers an increasingly powerful way to communicate with clients and prospects, yet many advisors aren’t taking advantage.
Advisors need to use social media tools to effectively engage clients and prospects through that medium. “Set up a social media marketing program and stick to it,” says Craig Faulkner, chief executive officer of digital marketing firm FMG Suite.
“The two keys to successful social media marketing are content and consistency,” he says. Although producing content on a consistent basis is a common snag for first-time social media adopters, it’s crucial to a building a social media presence.
“Your clients and prospects will follow you if you offer them something of value on a consistent basis,” Faulkner says.
Work within the compliance parameters of your firm to determine how you will populate your site with great content. “Then make a schedule and stick to it,” says Faulkner.
Over time, advisors will slowly grow their online presence – a worthwhile investment for any firm in this wired world.