MFS Investment Management has launched an additional 401(k) module for financial advisors called “Building a Standout Approach.” The module helps advisors decide which content to present and how to organize and structure it to various industries and audiences.

“Advisers’ ability to differentiate their retirement practices, knowledge and value in a crowded marketplace is a key to long-term success,” said Matthew Gannon, head of defined contribution investments for MFS. “A dynamic presentation detailing advisers’ practices should be part of every adviser’s business-building toolkit.”

MFS introduced its Advanced practice management program for advisers in 2009 and has since partnered with marketing consulting firms Ann Schleck & Co. and RJR Consulting to augment it.

“The value proposition of the best practices, tips and ideas offered in the new module can apply to any number of situations—including finals presentations—in which advisers or platform wholesalers need to represent their practices or demonstrate their expertise and value to clients and business partners,” added William Loesch, director of investment only marketing at MFS.

-- This article first appeared on Money Management Executive.