Be it the dismal disappointment of seeing their 401(k) balances fall, loss of a job or a wage cut, 48% of Americans are savings less for retirement, according to a Country Financial survey of 2,340 working Americans.

Only 12% have increased savings, and it’s status quo for 35%, according to the survey, conducted by Rasmussen Reports.

Although 41% have moved their portfolios into less risky investments, 41% are more confused about how to save for retirement after weathering the recession, and, perhaps unrealistically, 53% don't expect economic conditions to force them to delay retirement.

Only 30% believe it is possible for a middle-income family to save for a secure retirement, a five-point drop from 2009 and a seven-point decline from 2007, when the survey began.

“It’s important to remember most families can build a secure future by taking actionable steps like developing a plan and updating it as their family’s financial needs change,” said Keith Brannan, vice president of financial security planning for Country Financial.