Goals-based planning is a radical – even disruptive – approach to portfolio construction that is sweeping financial planning. In goals-based planning the entire portfolio is constructed with specific objectives in mind. It renders current approaches to portfolio construction such as core-satellite obsolete, or so argue adherents.

Goals-based planning brings with it many questions: What is the best way to reach goals? Should advisors construct multiple portfolios or a single one? Which investments to use? How should the portfolio be benchmarked? What insights does behavioral economics bring?

This one hour webinar will establish the foundations of goals-based planning including current issues surrounding this approach as well as how best to implement it. Join us for a discussion of this next frontier of portfolio construction.

Key Speakers

David Adler
Wealth Management & Behavioral Finance Expert (Moderator)
David Blanchett, PhD, CFA, CFP®
Head of Retirement Research Morningstar Investment Management LLC
Anil Suri
Head of Portfolio Analytics & Innovation Development Center Merrill Lynch Chief Investment Office