Optimizing advisor performance: Territory and book sizes

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As investment program managers, you are tasked with serving both the financial institution and managing individual advisors. Balancing the institution’s need to increase penetration with each advisor’s need to increase revenue often comes down to the best allocation of resources: how many advisors the institution has, how many branch territories each advisor maintains, and how many clients each advisor serves. Determining the ideal number of clients per advisor has been a particular focus of more program managers recently, but most advisors are resistant to reduce their number of clients.

For the first time, there are data to back up the long-held belief that reducing territory size and client base and increasing the share of advisory business (when appropriate for clients) may lead to improved client relationships, and better results for your advisors and institution.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What is the optimal size of a branch territory? What is the optimal number of clients?
  • How to overcome advisor resistance to territory changes
  • What impacts advisor revenue the most
  • The impact of advisory on optimal branch territory and number of clients
  • How program managers can shape the advisor’s expectations up front

* This even is being conducted by Bank Investment Consultant. LPL Financial and Bank Investment Consultant are separate entities.
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