The decumulation phase affects clients, as well as advisors, in different ways. We’ll discuss both aspects in our webinar on Sept 19.

Often termed the “golden years,” clients are supposed to enjoy this time of their lives with family, friends, hobbies and travel. They’ve worked toward it for years, but the fact is, ending a career can be a bigger move than starting one and the transition to this new phase of life is stressful. Are they really ready for this move? Are they prepared to lose one of the defining elements of their lives for the past 40 years?

And are you, the advisor, ready for this stage? You’ve worked for years to build up your book of business. And now, your clients’ decumulation phase will decrease your assets-under- management, not to mention fee business.

Listen to our panel of experts as they discuss topics, such as:
∙ How advisors can help clients plan for key issues, such as housing, transportation and health care
∙ What can advisors do to offset the decrease in their business

Key Speakers

Lee Conrad
Editor Sourcemedia
Sheryl Rowling
Head of Rebalancing Solutions, Morningstar
Rob Comfort
President, CUNA Brokerage Services