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Retirement Income Planning in a low yield world

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Financial planning for ‘de-cumulation’ is significantly more challenging than for the accumulation phase of the client’s life. Planners have to find a way to generate enough income to meet retirees’ needs. The portfolio has to last a lifetime. There is little room for any mistake, unlike in the accumulation period. Additionally, clients repeatedly stress the importance of capital preservation as a goal, one seemingly at odds with their income needs. Finally, planners have to solve all these problems in a time of ultra-low interest rates.

Join us for a one-hour webinar which offers fresh thinking about retirement income and the challenges of spend-down today. The webinar will stress the importance of risk management, as well as product selection. It will discuss methods to increase the longevity of the portfolio itself. Given today’s low interest rates, new solutions that better help retirees to reach their income goals while preserving capital are more urgent than ever. Join us to find out more.
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Key Speakers
  • David Adler
    David Adler
    Wealth Management & Behavioral Finance Expert (Moderator)
  • Financial Planning, Retirement IncomeSchwab Center for Financial Research
    August 28