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The death of the 60/40 portfolio (and the rise of the model portfolio)

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The 60/40 portfolio, the standard used for financial planning, is based on outdated assumptions. The 60% equity allocation of the portfolio was supposed to deliver 10% annual growth. The 40% bond allocation was supposed to deliver 5% income a year. But with equity markets newly vulnerable, and the Capital Market Expectations (CMEs) of most firms forecasting dramatically lower returns and income relative to historical averages, the math behind the 60/40 portfolio is flawed

This one-hour webinar will explore a new solution: the rise of the model portfolio that is increasingly replacing the old 60/40. This portfolio turns to new asset classes for growth as well as income, and includes truly defensive asset classes like global macro and managed futures. The webinar will discuss where new opportunities are found today, such as in alternative credit, private equity, and emerging markets, as well as how to construct a portfolio based on these asset classes.

Join us for a one-hour webinar of both the theory and practical implementation of a model portfolio.

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