Miriam Rozen

Miriam Rozen, a Financial Planning contributing writer, is a staff reporter at Texas Lawyer in Dallas.

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Here is a handy checklist for clients preparing to change their living situations.
Clients must digest that they will likely pay more for taxes in their lifetimes than anything else.
Advisors who highlight fee transparency gain an advantage.
Clients won’t experience retirement like others in the past, but advisors can help them surrender retirement expectations.
Even among advisors who support the concept of socially responsible investing, agreeing on what that term entails exactly is tough.
Deferred–tax retirement accounts’ required mandatory distributions might prompt this unwelcome scenario.
Clients’ health concerns may trigger a re-assessment of retirement plans and raise a wide array of emotional and financial questions.
Advisors who highlight fee transparency gain an advantage.
When clients face financial responsibility for aging parents and children at the same time, they often lose focus on their own retirement needs.
There’s a surge of interest in learning more about the complexities of alternative investments. Don’t be left behind.
With the pool of next-gen advisors so shallow, firms need to know where to look and what to say to attract new planners.
In a rapid market downturn, advisors have to suss out the motivation for wanting to sell, while remembering that, ultimately, a client's decision prevails.
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