Updated Sunday, April 20, 2014 as of 2:30 PM ET
How to Buy Dividend Growth Stocks
Clients looking to acquire dividend-oriented equity funds must navigate a number of portfolio options -- and a related set of challenges.
State Street Global Advisors recently counted 44 U.S. ETFs that employ dividend strategies. Understanding how they differ isnít always easy; the dividend strategy may not be obvious from the fundís name, and products based on similarly named underlying indexes can be very different.   more »
More in ETFs
World's largest mutual fund company pulled in more than 90% of the more than $15 billion that investors poured into U.S.-listed ETFs in Q1, adding to fears that Vanguard is becoming a near monopoly. more »
U.S. stocks rose, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average toward a record close, and Treasuries fell as a report showed U.S. companies added to payrolls last month. The dollar strengthened with copper and gold. more »
Investors of exchange-traded funds that buy U.S. government debt are signaling that economic-growth optimism is taking root. more »
Firms in the self-serve channel that can "combine delivery mechanisms" will be a "smart bet" going forward," predicts Tiburon managing partner Chip Roame. more »
Gun-shy and data driven, younger clients can pose a particular challenge. Here are 5 concepts to keep in mind. more »
Financial advisors who use active management may have a lower-cost option when considering actively managed ETFs – but some advisors express doubts on the real value for clients. more »
Vanguard Group, the third- largest U.S. provider of exchange-traded funds, has asked regulators for permission to open actively-managed ETFs. more »
Investors are having a change of heart about U.S. consumer stocks, a sign their optimism about Americans' discretionary spending remains intact even after a January selloff. more »
Over a lunch of PB&J sandwiches, Vanguard founder John Bogle discusses the shift to passive investing, the rise in ETFs and the proliferation of indexes. more »
The index fund giant is now almost as large as the next two largest competitors combined. Advisors are starting to wonder whether its dominance could become a problem. more »
ETFs are still gaining market share, but of course they aren't all having a stellar year so far. Here are the five best- and worst-performing ETFs so far this year based on data from Morningstar. more »
The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index fell for a second day as the International Monetary Fund said risks of turmoil in developing nations threaten the global economy. more »
BlackRock and WisdomTree Investment Inc., the firm where former hedge-fund manager Michael Steinhardt is both non- executive chairman and the largest shareholder, will each open ETFs targeting the same hot spot in the market, and at first glance both come with the same price tag. more »

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