Finance Apps: Who Are the Real Power Users?
Wealthy millennials are downloading apps more than other age groups, but for many categories it's boomers and Gen Xers who are the key users.
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We're a long way from building strong, interpersonal relationships with computers (the movie "Her" notwithstanding), which gives banks an advantage. more »
A third of 1,000 online investors surveyed by E-Trade Financial would like to monitor their investments on wearable apps. more »
Schwab must convince the 7,000 advisors who custody with the firm that its new Institutional Intelligent Portfolios automated investment management service is worth implementing. more »
A new Fifth Third social media campaign offers recent college graduates free one-on-one career counseling. The initiative is part of a trend of banks allocating marketing dollars to unusual perks and charitable giving to differentiate their brands. more »
At SourceMedia's Digital Banking Summit, numerous bankers spoke passionately about the need for financial institutions to create intuitive digital-money experiences. more »
Wealthy individuals are having a harder time differentiating between advisory firms, according to a new study that expects American households will accumulate nearly $11 trillion in assets over the next five years. more »
Children still like paper statements, but Mom and Dad's reliance on plastic has meant less loose change ending up in the piggy bank. Mobile banking is hot, but peer-to-peer payments are off to a bit of a slow start. more »
The term robo advisor is too broad to describe some of the new wave of digital wealth management companies, tech observers say. more »
Banks that don’t offer a compelling mobile experience run the risk of losing customers to a crop of mobile-first startups offering low fees, broad ATM networks and a wide array of advanced features. more »
Federal and state examiners still see compliance failures when advisors take to social media to promote their practice. more »
Gen X has more money than the younger millennial cohort -- but it has the same cultural disconnect with advisors. Advisors should start worrying. more »
Count Bill Gross among the world’s biggest philanthropists. more »
One factor prodding firms into quick adoption of Apple Watch apps is the fear of missing out on the latest technology. more »
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