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Clients Want to Give Money Away – Let Them
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Clients want to give back, and not just for the tax breaks.
“Americans are really good at making money but we’re also good at giving,” said Michael Roberts, executive vice president of Reliance Trust Co. at Pershing’s Insite conference. “We are the most generous nation in the world giving $316 billion last year.”   more »
More in Philanthropy
Helping clients develop a game plan offers several advantages, says Raymond James' Paula Feinberg at Women Advisors Forum in Dallas. more »
Both advisors and clients benefit from discussing charitable giving earlier in the year. Here are 10 signs that your clients need help with charitable planning. more »
James E. Stowers Jr., who built a billion-dollar fortune as founder of the American Century Investments mutual fund company, then gave most of it away for medical research, has died. more »
Schwab reported $742 million in donations to charities for 2013, a 36% increase compared to 2012 and its largest percentage jump in more than five years. more »
The Foundation for Financial Planning has named four new members to its board of trustees. more »
Almost half (46%) of advisors believe their clients donate to charity to reduce their taxes, when in fact only 10% do. more »
Most advisors offer their services to the wealthy. The people honored here provide planning help to clients who can least afford it - and need it most. more »
Among the very wealthy, family foundations long have been a common vehicle for charitable giving. However, more families than ever are skipping foundations altogether in favor of simpler and cheaper donor-advised funds. more »
“People are starting to think more strategically about giving,” says Schwab Charitable President Kim Laughton. “It really started last fall. What’s nice is it’s continuing this year.” more »
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