Moving Up: When Advisors Want to Be Managers
Moving into management isn't a natural progression for some. It requires a different skill set and it's not always the most successful advisors who make the grade.
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The 3-year old branding campaign has raised awareness among the CFP Board's target market of mass affluent investors by 6%, to the point where nearly one-third of that audience recognizes the CFP brand. more »
The likelihood that a powerful tech innovator such as Google will enter the asset management space and upend the market has increasingly become a matter of concern and speculation within the financial industry. more »
Despite the past two decades of employer efforts to improve gender diversity and equality in the workplace, women remain underrepresented at most levels in the workforce and are not progressing in their careers. more »
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Worldwide, the number of people with $30 million or more to invest -- the kind of folks who would hire a family office -- rose 15.6% to 128,300 in 2013. See which firms manage the most assets. more »
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