The Smart Way to Choose a Senior Community: Retirement Scan
Knowing the cost of a retirement community is key to making a smart decision, with independent living communities costing $2,520 per year; Plus, the price tag of a bipartisan bill averting Medicare doc fee cuts.
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Pension funds are joining the currency markets to protect their offshore investments and gain from future price changes as the U.S. dollar continues to perform well; Plus, three reasons to use a Roth IRA to save for college. more »
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Clients who turned 70 1/2 last year need to take their first required minimum distribution by April 1 or face a tax of 50%; Plus, reducing fees is the best way to boost investment returns. more »
More workers than ever are staying on the job well into their seventies, which will make the U.S. a "very different place" for the next 30 years; Plus, Why an empty nest can be hazardous to a client's retirement. more »
Are you likely to change your job? Is your spouse unemployed? Do you expect non-taxable income when you retire? These reasons and more for why you might need an individual retirement account. more »
Help make sure your clients aren't among those who say they wish they had saved more, or started at an earlier age. Plus, questions over the proposed revamp of Medicare payments to long-term-care hospitals. more »
Increased longevity and the fact that those belonging to the Greatest Generation married at a young age are two reasons for the increase in dual-generation retirements; Plus, the reason why parents shouldn't be too generous with their children's college education funds. more »
Why Congress needs to stop Medicare from lowering the fees paid to physicians; Plus, a study that says that many workers could see cuts in pension benefits. more »
Clients need to know the facts when offered a lump-sum payment for trading in their pensions; Plus, seven questions to ask before buying a qualified longevity annuity contract. more »
Why companies should have to offer low-cost funds in 401(k)s; Plus three secrets to maximizing Social Security spousal benefits. more »
One strategy to handle the risk of higher interest rates is to invest in ETFs; Plus, picking a place to retire. more »
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