Protect Your Retirement From a 'Deflategate': Retirement Scan
The National Football League season should remind retirement investors that luck also has a part in investing success aside from the years of preparation and good decisions; Plus, weighing the pros and cons of long-term-care coverage.
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Algarve, Portugal, Cuenca, Ecuador, and George Town, Malaysia, are among the 10 places in world where American retirees can get the most for their money; Plus, why investors should think twice before choosing a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k). more »
Retirees need to carefully consider using robo investment advisors, which could put their investments at risk in the coming years; Plus, what Medicare costs in 2015 and what's covered. more »
Clients can lengthen their long-term care insurance policy's elimination period, making the coverage more affordable; Plus, deciding whether a Roth or traditional IRA is right for your client. more »
There are 13 states that subject Social Security benefits to tax; Plus, why investors shouldn't hold an annuity in their Roth IRAs. more »
Congress should revamp Social Security to ensure that retirees will receive at least 75% of their benefits in case the trust fund is depleted, says a professor. more »
Bob Kerrey, a former U.S. Senator and governor of Nebraska, says that people who have Social Security as their only source of income need more help: Plus, cheap oil prices won't cause your 401(k) to crash. more »
New legislation is needed that would include provisions to curb number of fund beneficiaries and enable more of them to return to work; Plus, Calpers not cutting its private equity allocations, but is reducing the managers it works with. more »
The additional revenue from President Obama's expected proposed tax increase would be used to fund programs to assist the middle-class; Plus, how to help a client who missed employer's matching 401(k) funds. more »
While underfunded public-pensions have been in the spotlight in recent years, another problem that has not received as much notice is the nearly $1 trillion in unfunded health care liabilities. more »
Forty years after it was launched, the IRA has turned into a major retirement vehicle, but it is no longer the same as it was when first introduced in 1974; Plus, three smart ways to maximize your Roth IRA. more »
Many IRA investors make the mistake of having an extreme stock-and-bond allocation; Plus, the better way to plan retirement withdrawals. more »
Democrats seem to have no option left to counter a new legislative rule that would block fund reallocation to the Social Security Disability Trust Fund next year; Plus, how to undo a Roth IRA contribution. more »
Increasing the amount would be an added incentive to many people such as workers whose employers do not have a retirement plan; Plus, how new 401(k) contribution limits could help supercharge retirement savings. more »
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