101 Top Funds for Retirement Savings: Retirement Scan
The 101 most popular funds for retirement savings; the importance of rebalancing portfolios to avoid moving stocks in bear markets; and how investors can put money into annuities and IRAs when a 401(K) isn't enough.
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Despite a push for tighter rules to curb loan and withdrawal leakage, experts say small loans from 401(K)s aren't a drain on savings; Plus why millennials need to start saving for retirement now. more »
The best first step in preparing for health care expenses is to separate recurring costs from the less predictable ones; Plus. a proposal in Washington calls for required minimum distributions for Roth IRAs. more »
Investing with borrowed money is just one way clients could harm their retirement portfolios; Plus, expats are advised to invest in a low-cost, taxable account. more »
Retirement savers may consider rolling over their 401(k) assets to an IRA if they want to consolidate their retirement accounts and have an easier time managing their savings; Plus, the hidden threat to retirement. more »
Financial advisors and academics are helping retirees ensure their spending plans are on track by offering drawdown strategies that can adjust to age, account balance and other factors; Plus, five benefits of a capital gains retirement strategy. more »
Advisors should advise clients to avoid buying a one-size-fits-all product and to check offerings by as many carriers as possible before making a decision; Plus, how to counsel pre-retirees who want to give financial assistance to their adult children. more »
Pension plans grew 89% over the last 10 years, while GDP increased just 42%; Plus, provision in budget proposal that would prevent high-income workers from contributing to their 401(k) plans. more »
Clients who are financially knowledgeable incurred annual investment returns that are 1.3% higher compared with those who are not; Plus, the disadvantages of a retirement buckets strategy. more »
Experts recommend that employers be more flexible with workers who borrow money from their 401(k) plans, such as giving more time for repayment or allowing loans to be rolled over to the next employer's plan. more »
The fiscal 2016 budget includes proposals to limit the value of itemized tax deductions for IRAs and 401(k)s and other expenses to 28%. more »
The Obama administration is expected to endorse more stringent fiduciary rules requiring brokers to have their clients' best interest in mind when recommending retirement-account investments; Plus, the retirement investment mistake clients don't know they're making. more »
Clients who have the option of receiving a sizable lump-sum payment of their pension or life-long payments need to consider the advantages each has in certain situations. more »
While auto-enrollment features on a retirement plan are better than nothing, some experts still worry that workers are not saving enough for retirement. more »
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