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"I think we're talking about an economy that is growing a bit above trend, the labor market is gradually tightening, and if we think that's going to continue. Then we're setting the stage for liftoff," says Fed's William C. Dudley. Image: Bloomberg.
Fed's Dudley Still Sees Liftoff This Year If His Outlook Is Met
Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William C. Dudley said he expects the U.S. central bank to raise interest rates by December, while cautioning that this was not a pledge to action and will depend on the economy staying on track.
Laddering is a good fixed-income strategy that will enable clients to earn higher yields and protect them from rate increases; Plus, how retirees can make money in the sharing economy. Read More »
An arbitration panel ordered the wirehouse to pay two former clients $250,000, a mere 10% of what they originally sought, in a case involving the sale of funds of Puerto Rican municipal bonds. Read More »
Prices of top-shelf municipal bonds finished weaker on Tuesday, traders said, with yields on some maturities strengthening by as much as two basis points. In the primary market, New York City’s general obligation bonds were priced for retail investors as several large competitive offerings were sold. Read More »
The role of bonds is to provide stability to a portfolio. But this only works when clients understand the true purpose behind their fixed income investments. Read More »
At 71, Bill Gross feels the weight of time. He figures he has a few good years left to prove the new Bill Gross is every bit as good as the old one. Maybe even better. Read More »
These products may offer better exposure and liquidity for your clients investing in the bond markets. Read More »
Muni experts expect outperformance by high credit-quality issues, a decline in refundings, troubled credits to dominate the headlines, and the Fed to raise rates in the second half of the year. Read More »
The Continent may offer clients the best hope of finding the next bond rally. Read More »
More than half of global employers surveyed by Vanguard say they intend to boost company contributions to 401(k) plans in the next five years; Plus, almost half of American workers (45%) are not saving for retirement. Read More »
Given the unpredictability in forecasting, betting on rates rising can be just as risky as taking the opposite stance. Read More »
The world's largest bond fund has cut back on U.S. securities as yields are expected to rise this year. Read More »
Even after defaults, high-yield bonds have earned above-market returns. Read More »
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