10 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Now

10 Ways to Improve Marketing at your Firm 10 Ways to Improve Marketing at your Firm

Marketing is not a one-shot thing. It is about finding a need and filling it over and over again to generate predictable results.

Here are 10 marketing ideas advisors can choose from to implement in their firm.

Source: Eric Sheikowitz and Michael Silver, senior managing partners, Focus Partners

1. Create a Practice Focus Statement 1. Create a Practice Focus Statement

Be able to meet new people and convey what you do in a succinct, but influencing manner. This will help you generate new leads while you go about performing daily tasks. Here are but a few examples: - I have a great job. I help people retire with peace of mind. - I help busy and successful people organize their finances. - I teach people how to keep their financial lives on track.

2. Identify Your Ideal Clients 2. Identify Your Ideal Clients

Consider having a list of top 15 clients in the following areas: clients you like, clients that like you, refer you to others on a regular basis, assets, revenue. Then when you have that list, review it and see if there is a niche working for you. If you understand your niche, you may be able to further develop it.

3. Form a Client Advisory Board 3. Form a Client Advisory Board

Having a group of ideal clients willing to meet with you regularly will enable you to build stronger relationships, gain critical client experience insights, and build referral sources from clients truly invested in the success of your business.

4. Client Appreciation Events 4. Client Appreciation Events

Appreciation events will allow you to leverage your ideal clients, while giving you the opportunity to meet potential new clients from guests existing clients bring.

5. Develop a Formal Referral System 5. Develop a Formal Referral System

By having a planned referral system, you increase the chances of receiving requested introductions and position your firm to better chance of growth. But before imposing this system on your clients, you must first know that the client is very satisfied with you.

6. Hit the Phones 6. Hit the Phones

Take advantage of cold calling for new clients by doing your research first. Find out everything there is to know about the market, and then develop an approach that relates to your particular target market. At the end of the day, cold calling is still a numbers game, so pick up the phone and start calling.

7. Network to Success 7. Network to Success

While networking groups are great, consider starting your own. This will allow you to control membership and shape it the way you want. Find people who are just as hungry to grow their business as you are and make sure everyone has a mutual understanding of the goals of the group. Also think about how you can use joint marketing opportunities to help each other grow your respective practices.

8. Education as a Marketing Tool 8. Education as a Marketing Tool

With so much uncertainty in the economy, clients are increasingly turning to financial planners for answers. Use this educational opportunity to attract prospective clients to the firm.

9. Offer a Second Opinion 9. Offer a Second Opinion

Although clients may come to you for answers, they may be receptive to a new approach. Rather dictate your actions, think of your advice as a second opinion. Send the message to your clients that it is in your best interest to work together with them.

10. The 12-Month Marketing Calendar 10. The 12-Month Marketing Calendar

Marketing miracles donít happen overnight. Create a marketing calendar and plan for consistent marketing activity, so that you can generate controllable marketing results.