5 Social Marketing Stumbles (and How to Avoid Them)

5 Social Marketing Stumbles and How to Avoid Them 5 Social Marketing Stumbles and How to Avoid Them

Social media marketing may be a foreign language that some advisors stumble with, but becoming a master of it is only a matter of time. Craig Faulkner, chief executive officer of FMG Suite and the companyís social marketing guru identifies some of the more common mistakes that can trip you up.

Here are five social marketing mistakes to be aware of, as your firm grows its online social presence.

1. Dot the iís and Cross the tís 1. Dot the iís and Cross the tís

Social media gives you more opportunities to show your clients you are a trusted financial professional, but it can also work to your disadvantage if you are not careful. Before posting anything, make sure youíve properly edited the content. This can be from having someone you trust proofread the content, reading posts out loud, or simply coming back to edit the post later to see if there were any errors you didnít catch the first time through.

2. Disregarding Timing 2. Disregarding Timing

There are optimal times to post. Some interesting facts: 48% of social media users are on Eastern Standard Time, twitter users are most likely to retweet on Wednesdays around 5pm, and the best time to post on Facebook is at noon, according to KissMetrics, a web analytics software company. By paying attention to these general statistics and keeping track of what users respond to, you will be able to further leverage your social media advantage.

3. Once is Not Enough 3. Once is Not Enough

With twitterís rapid newsfeed, itís easy for a user to miss an update. Tweet at least twice about each post.

4. Social Pages as Marketing Tools 4. Social Pages as Marketing Tools

Because many firms are slow in defining their social media compliance policy, many advisors have avoided using social media. While there is logic behind the hesitation, advisors risk their ability to leverage social media as a marketing tool by failing to adopt it.

5. Donít Neglect Face Time 5. Donít Neglect Face Time

While social media marketing will help you to establish and gauge client interest, it is important to add a dimension of personal interaction. If a client shows particular interest in a post or has a question, give them a call and maybe even invite them to come in to learn more.