13 States That Tax Social Security Benefits: Retirement Scan
More than half of households that collect Social Security benefits pay federal income tax on those benefits, according to a survey by The Senior Citizens League. Plus, why it's okay for investments to underperform when you're retired.
Lightyear Chief Executive Donald Marron is getting a second chance to purchase the insurer's broker-dealer arm. Read More »
Retirement savers are advised to avoid an overly conservative approach when creating asset allocations in their portfolios and to differentiate risk tolerance from risk capacity; Plus, new rules for reverse mortgages. Read More »
MetLife would retain the unit that offers pension and retirement products. Read More »
Clients who consider buying an annuity are advised to avoid purchasing one big product and instead opt for several smaller ones; Plus, what boomers should know about required minimum distributions. Read More »
Setting aside 15% of income for retirement may not be enough to build a nest egg that is adequate to cover living and other costs in the golden years; Plus, why investors should say no to universal life insurance as a retirement fund. Read More »
A new study claims it’s better to buy whole life than to buy term insurance and invest the difference. What are you telling your clients? Read More »
Online tools such the one developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can help clients determine the best time to claim their Social Security retirement benefits for maximum results; Plus, do your clients need life insurance after they retire? Read More »
Only 42% of advisors have discussed long-term care with more than half of their clients. The reason for their reluctance may be due to clients' focus on saving money for retirement. Read More »
Destitution can strike anyone—rich, poor and in between—even if they have the basics of an estate plan in place. Read More »
People have long been wary of buying long-term care insurance, thinking they wouldn’t live long enough to collect any benefits. But new products that address their worries and complaints may help them come around. Read More »
The bank acquired the A.I. Group, a provider of employee benefits consulting and insurance brokerage services in Georgia. Read More »
Banks on track to generate $1 million in insurance brokerage for the year declined 16%, but the number that saw double-digit increases in brokerage income saw a significant jump. Read More »
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