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401(k) Custodial Contracts Must Be Disclosed, Judge Says: Retirement Scan
Why a federal judge ruled that a retirement plan is required to show the custodial agreements it forged with a service provider; Plus, the only annuity solution 'bonus' investors should be looking for.
The Fed still expects to raise interest rates gradually but is prepared to postpone its plans if market turbulence proves more than a passing squall. Read More »
Why the compensation model for variable annuities may need to change because of the Labor Department's fiduciary proposal; plus, the pros and cons of 401(k) loans and six critical moves for a carefree retirement. Read More »
The new proposals may end up being the best thing that ever happened to ETNs. Read More »
Worldwide gains in sovereign bonds sent the Japanese benchmark 10-year yield below zero for the first time as investors seeking the safest assets gorged on government debt. Read More »
Why your recently retired clients should avoid an overly conservative investing approach; Plus, three smart ways to maximize your Roth IRA and advice for women nearing retirement age. Read More »
The Fed chairwoman addresses lawmakers this week with mounting speculation against another rate hike happening in March. Read More »
Growth doesn’t have to end because a company has decided it’s time to pay a dividend. Read More »
"There is a de-anchoring of inflation expectations occurring, and this affects how risk-takers are operating in any market that is sensitive to inflation expectations," says a leading market watcher. Read More »
Gold is coming off its best week in more than two years, benefiting from worries about the health of China’s economy, plunging oil prices and uncertainty over U.S. interest rates. Read More »
Retirement savers need to review their asset allocations because many investments are becoming more correlated as the global economy increasingly becomes intertwined; Plus, why the gender gap haunts women even in retirement. Read More »
The January employment release could give Janet Yellen some encouragement to pull the trigger on another hike. Read More »
Top executives including Morgan Stanley's James Gorman and Wells Fargo's CFO John Shrewsberry said they must develop robos to complement their sales forces. Read More »
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