IRA's 401(k)

Don’t Let Social Security Touch Client's Application: Retirement Scan
Retirees should always file for benefits online when possible, particularly when applying for Social Security retirement benefits; Plus, why withdrawal rates matter more than asset allocation in retirement.
The gap between the top and bottom target date funds has narrowed since the 2008 collapse. Read More »
As stock prices fall, 401(k) participants are advised to avoid cashing out and instead buy more stocks; Plus, steps to successfully apply for Social Security disability. Read More »
Retirement savers are advised to ladder their bonds and CDs to take advantage of rising interest rates; Plus, the perils of extreme asset allocation. Read More »
A new law ends years of last-minute renewals of the right to make qualified charitable distributions from IRAs. Read More »
Workers and employers would benefit from a phased retirement, but only one in four workers aged 55 and older have such an option; Plus, clients should avoid being dogmatic about withdrawals. Read More »
The new 401(k) platform officially launched with a group of 50 employer-clients, after spending the last quarter of 2015 building its automated investment advisory service for employers. Read More »
Finding the right investment mix is challenging since it's an imprecise science and depends on market history and asset class valuations; Plus, what clients need to know about the first required distribution. Read More »
If mutual funds in 401(k) plans underperform yet charge hefty fees, participants can take action; Plus, President Obama plans to push new rules making it easier for small businesses to offer 401(k) plans. Read More »
The president's proposal aims to get more Americans to start working on a plan for their retirement. Read More »
Advisors can provide valuable services when clients go through the process—and still get paid. Read More »
Even those clients who have amassed substantial savings or have pensions are not ready to leave the work force if they have no health care plans; Plus, talk to clients about these retirement myths. Read More »
Contributed articles and social media posts on specific ideas can separate planners from the rest of the pack. Read More »
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